First year student game

Game to help prospective students to navigate the strange, new world of university or college.


Card game (with money) with contractors.


Battle between magicians.


Game based on the Japanese puzzle.


Party game about character traits.


Strategic coffee table gamble between the stars.


Game of skill. Who builds the tallest tower?


Game with various dinosaur and with their eggs and their young ones.


Tactic game for 2 players, with a game board with dimples and marbles in two colours. Various versions have been made. The most recent version has been published under the name Kansei for promotional purposes on behalf of Ared Management.

The game has also been converted into a self-learning computer game for the Apple Mac (Tara, for 1 player against the computer).

Festini Fruit Game

Dominoes with a very definite Festini touch, printed on the wrappings of the Festini Fruit icecreams. The game is about the surprise you experience when tasting the Festini Fruit icecream. The outlay options are a bit more complicated than for regular Dominoes, but that only makes the game more exciting.

The design of the game was commission by Ola, the manufacturer of the Festini Fruit icecream.

Move it

Boardgame, based on the logistic process at a modern container terminal. The brainwork needed by the players for the handling of the containers is, of course, in reality performed by advanced computers.

The game was commissioned by Cap Gemini Pandata for Europe Combined Terminals (ECT) on the occasion of the completion of the new Delta/Sealand Terminal on the Maasvlakte near Rotterdam.

Delft in Parts

Boardgame, on the playing board of which the players must form, with the 81 square puzzle pieces, the city map of Delft.

The game was commissioned by the Dutch city of Delft and was a Christmas present for all its employees.

Context, the art of connecting

Boardgame, based on the need of the Dutch management-consultancy bureau BMC for a game that can acquaints people with Context-management in an informal manner. Context-management is a vision on governance and management for (local) government, developed by BMC.

The game is situated in a mini-state, with a capital city where all important sectors of government and society are housed. The game has two rounds: the policy preparation phase and the implementation phase. The intention of the game is that the player, by cooperating intelligently with other players, scores optimally within the context of his own environment.

Way to solutions

Boardgame, originated from the needs of the Dutch consultancy firm DHV for a game in which people could become acquainted with Public Private Partnership in an informal way. PPP is a method for realizing public facilities (partly) with private resources.

The game is situated on an island which, owing to climate change, is in danger of disappearing, due to the rising sea level.

The stolen necklace

Boardgame with a three-dimensional game board, representing a mansion with rooms and doors that can be opened or closed, based on the Agatha Christie style whodunnit detective. The game was created at the invitation of game publisher Jumbo. The game is not (yet) on the market.

Ludo card game

The Ludo card game is a variation of the traditional ‘Ludo’ boardgame by whitch the specific game principles were upheld and extra possibilities are built-in for more strategy.

The original Dutch version of the ‘Ludo card game’ was commissioned by game publisher Jumbo and was brought to the market in 1995 on the occasion of the 100 year jubilee of ‘Ludo’ in England. In the meantime the Dutch version of Ludo (Mens erger je niet) has been a Jumbo smash hit for 60 years.

The “Ludo card game” rules by Mental Works can be downloaded.

Kesse Rüben

Boardgame, a strategic gambling game, to grow turnips in as many as possible of the 24  fields.

The Dutch games association Ducosim published a paper version of this game together with 6 European partner organizations. A paper version of the game can be downloaded.

Traffic Jam

Boardgame, at whitch Each player must drive all his cars from his side of the board to the opposite side of the board and meanwhile must deal with other drivers, traffic jams and flat tyres.

The German version of the game with the title ‘Verkehrschaos’ has been marketed under licence by KLEE since 1994 in German-speaking countries. The original prototype had the working title ‘File’ in the Dutch version and ‘Stau’ in the German one.

Through Wind and Weather

Boardgame, a strategic game in which the weather plays an all-determining role, with transparent weather symbols and symbols for storm, thunder and umbrella.

The game was created on the initiative of Ben Leijten, formerly product development manager of game publisher Jumbo.


Boardgame, a strategic game in which the weather plays an all-determining role. It is a battle with transparent weather symbols, hotels and cruiseships for the biggest profit.

The game has been marketed under licence by Jumbo since 1990 throughout Europe under the titles ‘Meteo’ (English), ‘Weer en Wind’ (Dutch), ‘Wind und Wetter’ (German) and ‘Meteo Business’ (French).


Boardgame, a strategic game, the battle between Touareg tribes for supremacy over the Sahara with camels and gold and silver pieces and with a unique turn system. On the gameboard a new desert landsacape is formed with every new game by laying out of 49 landscape cards and settlements.

Tarqui has been marketed under licence by Jumbo throughout Europe since 1988. In that year the game was included in the (German) for the election of the Spiel des Jahres. In 1999 a special numbered reissue of 10,000 copies was published by Jumbo on the occasion of the millenium.