Game characteristics

Type: family boardgame
Number of players:
2 - 6
Age: 10 years and up
Playing time: 60 minutes
o o o o o Strategy/Tactics
Game rules: English


Wizard is a game wherein each player (wizard) tries to reach one of the gateways, which gives entrance to the staff of power. First however, the wizard should gather a number of treasures as well as a key to unlock one of the gateways. And of course each wizard tries to prevent the other wizards from reaching their goal. This means a lot of witchcraft! Which wizard has the strongest incantations, and which wizard is best able to foresee the kind of spells used by the other wizards? Wizard is an exciting game with lots of possibilities for magic strategy!


Wizard is a game with a clear theme. The details however can easily be adapted for specific purposes, e.g. the kind of treasures the wizards should gather, or the reward behind the gateways


The game is finished. A prototype is available.