Little Red Riding Hood

Game characteristics

Type: memory board game
Number of players: 2 - 4
Age: 6 years and up
Playing time: 30 minutes
Memory o o o o o Strategy/Tactics
Game rules: English, Dutch


Little Red Riding Hood is a memory-like game, but with a strategic component. The fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood is pictured on 16 cards that are put face down on the board. First players hunt for card number 1, than number 2, and so on. In the meantime they of course try to remember the position of cards that are not the target at that moment. The position of your pawn on the board may give you an advantage, if a new card becomes the target card and you know its position. So you have to plan your moves carefully. As is well-known, children are often much better in memory-like games than adults. But with Little Red Riding Hood, daddy finally has the opportunity to beat his 6 year old son!


The theme of Little Red Riding Hood is a fairy tale, but the game is perfectly suited for any sequence of actions: a story, historical events, building a house, assembling an automobile, and so on. One of those alternatives, the Christmas story, is already available as our Christmas game.


The game is finished. A prototype is available.