The stolen necklace
(Die gestolene Halskette)

Game characteristics

Type: detective game
Number of players: 3 - 6 players
Age: 10 years and up
Playing time: 45 minutes
Luck o o o o o Strategy/Tactics
Game rules: English, Dutch


One of the guests (the players) in the villa of the baroness has stolen her necklace. Nobody, except the thief of course knows who. The thief must be caught, but within a particular time limit the necklace should be found back. Opening and closing doors (with the keys), asking information to other players, are all key concepts of the game. The player who finds the necklace, catches the thief, and can proof this, is the winner of the game. But if the thief is not caught in time, the thief wins!


The game is based on the classical Agatha Christy style whodunnit detective. Numerous variations are possible, e.g. with respect to the stolen attribute, the motives of the guests, the cues, etc. For example, the game can be located in the office of an organization, whereas instead of a necklace, production plans are stolen.


The game is finished. A prototype entitled "The queen's necklace" is available.