Game characteristics

Type: game of skill
Number of players:
1, 2 or more persons
Age: 4 years and up
Playing time: 5 minutes or more (depending on the game variation and the number of players)
o o o o o Tactics
Rules: English


18 round pieces with one flat and one globular side. Two of the pieces, coloured red, are more convex than the other pieces.


The game is extremely simple: the round pieces should be stacked onto each other. The higher the stack, the better. Because of the globular side, this is not as simple as it seems; moreover, there are many ways to build a stack. A straight stack is not necessarily the best one. For example, one can build rather amazing corkscrew-like stacks, that can reach higher than plain straight stacks.


Numerous variations are possible. For one thing, one can play the game solitaire, trying to beat ones own record. One can also play with two persons; e.g. building together one tower: the person who puts the last piece on the tower without letting it fall down, wins.
Babel is not only an exciting, hilarious social game, its is also extremely well suited to train motorical skills and eye-hand co-ordination, as has been recognized by psychologists and physiotherapists who have played the game.


The game is finished. A prototype is available.