Way to Solutions

Game characteristics

Type: family/managements board game
Number of players: 4 - 6
Age: 12 years and up
Playing time: 60 minutes
o o o o o Strategy/Tactics
Rules: English, Dutch


Purpose of the game is the succesful negotiation to execute a PPP (private Public Partnership) project. Negotiators are, except the DHV consultant (the sponsor of the game) a number of stakeholders. The project can only succesfully be finished, if all negotiators are in agreement abot a number of essential decisions.
The game has much in common with the real PPP-world. Negotiators are recognizable parties like the government, banks, citizens, project developers, and of course, the consultant.
Now each player hat the opportunity to take one of these roles.
The location is an island, with tourist and pearl industry. However, the sea level is rising, threatening the survival of the island. Action should be taken, but different parties are differently influenced by these actions. Nevertheless they should agree, else the island will be flooded, and everybody looses. If players set self-interest first, negotiations will fail. But altruism only doesn't make money. And there are always hidden agendas. Fortunately there is always the consultant, who is often (but not always) able to succesfully intermediate between conflicting interests. The player who is best able to balance between personal interest and interest of the community, wins the game.


The game is commissioned by DHV in Amersfoort.